Watermelon Disposable Vape

Sometimes you have a craving for an e-cig with a little something extra. Our disposable watermelon e-cigs are a customer favorite because they seamlessly blend the taste of tobacco with strong notes of watermelon.

Don’t let the watermelon flavor make you think these disposable e-cigs aren’t intense. With a 3.6% nicotine content, the Vapor4Life disposable watermelon vapes are made to give smokers a powerful throat hit that makes you feel like your puffing on a cigarette.

Designed with a soft “filter,” the our disposable vapes give you that familiar sensation you had before you quit smoking.

Browse our selection of disposable watermelon electronic cigarettes and take the plunge today!

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Disposable Vape 10-Pack

As low as: $64.99

  • Love these
    Review by Becky From Tx on 2/15/2018
    I can’t believe these haven’t been reviewed yet. They have a nice watermelon taste. On day 10 of not smoking and although I have the e cig batteries, the disposable cigs are what’s going to keep me smoke free. The closest thing to the real thing.

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