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Watermelon e Juice (30 mL)


Our Watermelon E-Liquid takes you to a summertime backyard barbecue, with the sun glinting in your eyes as bite into a thick slice of watermelon, the sticky juice dripping off your chin. The refreshing sweet and sour interplay of tastes in this Watermelon e juice brings to life that beloved summertime treat. The WOW Watermelon e juice is a top-seller and a go-to vape for many of our V4L employees and customers, whereas the Premium Watermelon is recommended for those vapers who desire a stronger throat hit paired with flavor that's out of this world.

WOW or Premium

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Vapor4Life Watermelon e-Juice flavors bring the sweet and sour taste of a fresh watermelon straight to your vape tank. Watermelon vape juice from V4L is available in both the WOW and Premium e-Liquid lines. The WOW Watermelon e-Juice has a sweeter finish, while the Premium Watermelon eLiquid has a slightly tarter taste.

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