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White Chocolate e Juice (30 mL)

White chocolate e juice is a sweet, smooth and satisfying answer to your dessert cravings. The epitome of any chocolate lover's daydream, this flavor is perfectly creamy, decadent, and indulgent. The subtly sweet and oh-so-smooth inhale is followed by a lush and full exhale that tastes like rich white chocolate and smells doubly delicious. Vapor4Life's White Chocolate E Juice satisfies your craving for chocolate and your desire for vanilla all in one delicious e cigarette flavor.

Silky cocoa butter and va-va-voom vanilla bring all your white chocolate dessert fantasies to life in a White Chocolate vape flavor that's sinfully seductive.

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  • unforgettable
    Review by Ram L on 3/29/2018
    Everytime i irdered anything. I always make it sure to include this premium juice. Yes i love sweet sugary juices and this is always in fop of my list and Vapor4life knew it.
    Taste of rich pure white chocolate in a juice. Its very delicious. Would like to invite you to try this premium white chocolate. Delicious mouth wateting the taste like eating melting a white choco in your mouth. Hmmmmm delicious.
  • Smooth!
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    When you're looking for something sweet (but not overpowering), this is a fantastic choice to vape with. It mixes amazingly well with other flavors and tastes really, really close to the real deal. White chocolate reminds me of Christmas for some reason, so I enjoy this one in the colder months!
  • Good!
    Review by Kerry on 8/7/2017
    It's not my absolute fave, I feel like the flavor "goes away" quickly and find myself changing my filter more often, but it's very tasty and gets rid of the sweet tooth!
  • Second to none
    Review by Ram L Tapawan on 4/16/2017
    My juices are nothing but sweet and sugary. Tried this and my gosh, I fall in love. Taste like the real thing. Best of it's kind, second to none. Tried to the taste. Like the real thing.
    I guarantee, you'll love this too, if you are like me who loves sugary and sweet this is for us.
    Don't take my word for it, you've gotta try this.
    Review by Tammy on 8/25/2016
    First off I'm very picky but I absolutely love this flavor and for all day use. Either by itself or mixed with strawberry. It's smooth but yet very flavorful. I've had several friends try it and all love it.
  • Light white chocolate flavor
    Review by Kim on 8/24/2016
    Wasn't sure at first if this tasted like white chocolate at all but the more I used it the better it got & it is now one of my favs!
  • Great flavor
    Review by Hannah Bundy on 1/23/2016
    Very impressed with the smooth taste. It's very light when you inhale with a stronger sweet white-chocolatey exhale. Smells delicious as well!
  • Hot Chocolate
    Review by matthew fisher on 1/8/2016
    I agree that it does not taste like white chocolate, but I love the flavor anyway. I think that after vaping it for a little while it begins to taste and smell like a mug of hot chocolate.
  • Super-delicious
    Review by Sid on 12/8/2015
    Absolute best chocolate flavour I've found everywhere. It's really rich, moreso than I was expecting actually, and really does taste just like white chocolate. Best dessert-type vape of the lot!
  • Awsome!!
    Review by Ryan U. on 11/20/2015
    Absolutely in my top 3. This flavor never gets old.
  • White choco?
    Review by Vinman on 3/2/2015
    It is very good, however, it tastes like chocolate not white chocolate. The wow chocolate has another taste mixed in (maybe a tobacco taste?), so if you want a real chocolate taste get this one instead of the regular wow chocolate. For you white chocolate lovers there is no real white chocolate taste yet...
  • good
    Review by dusti on 2/14/2015
    My favorite juice so far
  • Love, love, LOVE THIS ONE!!!
    Review by Sue on 11/30/2014
    his is my favorite, next to the Vanilla. Only problem is, it is currently only available in 0mg :-( Need 11 !!!
  • Can't put it down
    Review by Theresa on 11/2/2014
    This is so good I just can't get enough! My favorite juice so far. I was a menthol smoker and I like this better than menthol! Awesome taste!
  • It is my utmost favorite! Just sad that there has been no juice available for a month now :(
    Review by Misty on 10/12/2014
    It is my utmost favorite! Just sad that there has been no juice available for a month now :(
  • great taste
    Review by marsha on 9/30/2014
    i can't get enough of this juice. it tastes like sweet chocolate and even smells great when you vape. i do have a problem with it burning up my carts. oh well
  • great rich taste..
    Review by ANTHONY on 9/16/2014
    it has deep flavor that makes your mouth water. i enjoy this flavor very much. one of the best.
  • Milk or white chocolate?
    Review by Tara-louise on 8/17/2014
    I don't think this tastes like white chocolate at all, it has an undertone of the normal chocolate flavor but definitely not white chocolate. Still a nice juice and has a touch of sweetness without being too overpowering.
  • Love, love, LOVE THIS ONE!!!
    Review by Sue on 9/14/2013
    This is my favorite, next to the Vanilla. Only problem is, it is currently only available in 0mg :-( Need 11 !!!
  • I crave this...
    Review by Michelle on 9/6/2013
    This doesn't taste like white choc. It tastes like normal chocolate to me. Very happy with this juice! Thank you V4L! I'm loving this!
  • Very tasty vape
    Review by TGat on 9/4/2013
    While taking a bit to adjust to at first, the flavor really comes through and is very distinctive. Maybe not exactly white chocolate, but close. Even with that flavor is delivers a nice hit. Highly recommended.
  • Good Flavor
    Review by Brian on 4/24/2013
    This is a great flavor that tastes just like white chocolate, The only downside is that the carts dont last very long
  • I like this one
    Review by Elaina on 4/21/2013
    Although I'm not a fan of white chocolate, I really like this juice in 8mg. It does have a yummy mild chocolate flavor to it, and the flavor is similar to the carts. The vapor and throat hit are spot on for me. I will be buying this flavor again.
  • AWESOME flavor
    Review by Todd on 4/6/2013
    This has to be one of my favorite so far. The taste is awesome and smooth. Very impressed. IMO it taste like one of them hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. I will be ordering this flavor again for sure. Thank you V4L....
  • white chochate is amazing
    Review by Chris on 10/2/2018
    white chocholate is my favorite flavor , its like you are eating any white chochlate candy but with smoke instead and it tastes so good
  • Doesn't taste like white chocolate to me :|
    Review by Thomas Wright on 12/30/2015
    So yeah - massive throat hit. The guy that said he didn't get a throat hit probably did get a mislabeled bottle.
    I was really looking for the usual V4L ability to totally mimicking the flavor they say it is. Most other flavors I order are a near 100% hit on taste - this one isn't that bad, but I'm docking it a few stars just because it really doesn't taste like white choc. But still V4L fo lyfe! :D hehe
  • white chocholate
    Review by Chris on 1/2/2019
    this is such a silky smooth tasting flavor
  • Yeah, Boy!
    Review by Matthew on 9/12/2018
    This is good e-juice. Great flavor. Awesome with high nic levels.
  • It's chocolate, but not the right chocolate
    Review by Dj on 7/27/2016
    It's ok as a dark chocolate flavor, but its not exactly the white chocolate flavor I was looking for. That makes it hard for me to personally recommend if white chocolate was what you were looking for. I'd probably not come back to this one for a while and just move on.
  • White Chocolate
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 11/17/2014
    Decent chocolate flavor, Just not a big enough throat hit for me at 24mg, Was probably a mislabeled bottle I assume. But if you like chocolate I recommend to try this. It is good

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