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Wowboy e Cig Cartridges

Treat your taste buds to this supremely decadent blend of tobacco and chocolate flavors with a touch of mint.

Vapor4Life presents what we believe is the end of your journey for the ULTIMATE e Cig cartomizer flavor. With both WOW vapor, and WOW flavor, these Wowboy cartomizers offer a smooth blend of tobacco and chocolate flavors, with just a touch of mint. It's an all-new cartomizer favorite at V4L! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

  • You can really taste all the elements!
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    I received a sample of this flavor a while back, and, while it never quite made it into my daily vape rotation, I do remember enjoying the flavor and appreciating the fact that you could indeed taste all the well-balanced elements in the liquid -- the chocolate, the mint, the tobacco... Didn't strike me as a very pronounced tobacco flavor at all, so a good option if you're looking for something balanced between tobacco and non-tobacco flavors.
  • good for beginning...
    Review by John on 9/17/2017
    Used these after finding my favorite juice at the beginning. Was the look and feel of smoking and the flavor hit the spot. Twist and go. As time went on I wanted stronger and moved on to other V4L products.
  • Great e-Cig
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Rich bold flavor
  • The Ejuice flavor that started it all
    Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
    This was my first pre-filled cartridge flavor that I ever bought from vapor4life many years ago and is solely responsible for making me a V4L customer 4 LIFE! I fell in love with the perfectly balanced amount of tobacco & chocolate with a subtle hint of mint. IT IS FANTASTIC!!!
  • WOWBoy! I'm not so hot on chocolate.
    Review by Darrel Sautner on 4/30/2016
    Wowboy is okay with me, to use once in a while but not for everyday use. You can taste the soft chocolate flavor. Chocolate is not my favor taste.
  • Great!
    Review by thomas on 4/30/2016
  • Really Great Flavor
    Review by Yin on 4/30/2016
    This is a great product. I liked these so much that I constantly vaped on them. If you are going to vape, take longer drags and less puffs or wait until it cools down. Tim told me this, hope it helps you. Thanks vapor4life and Tim.
  • Pretty Good!
    Review by Robin on 3/12/2016
    I'm not fond of the tobacco flavored carts, but this was not bad! And the vapor production was great. I would recommend and probably buy again.
  • A surprise
    Review by L.W. on 1/11/2016
    This was really nice. I didn't think I was going to like anything "tobacco" flavored but this was a pleasant surprise. Like the descriptions says, its a blend of tobacco, chocolate with a hint of mint. All of them blend together nicely and none of the flavors seemed to overpower. I could vape this one all day.
  • AWESOME!!!
    Review by Thomas Wright on 1/9/2016
    This is such an amazing flavor. I'm not huge on the tobacco taste - but this is a great nutty tobacco flavor with chocolate and mint touches. Really, amazing flavor. Thanks guys!
  • deelish!
    Review by meredith on 12/16/2015
    Really good. I would definitely say that this tastes like mint chip something or other, its really the only way i could describe it. Initially I taste the chocolate, but it definitely finishes with mint. Subtle but really good. I would definitely order again.
  • Awesome!!
    Review by Ron Garkey on 12/14/2015
    Best yet, I can honestly say better than the 'real' thing, no more analog for me, finally....
  • All I can say is WOW
    Review by Al Turnquist on 11/8/2015
    I love the taste, Throat Hit and Vapor Volume.
    This one is the best I've tried
  • OMG!!!
    Review by Ellen Durante on 11/5/2015
    So, I am 47 (eeeeek!) been smoking since I was 14...so ummm 33 years. I don't even want a "real" cigarette - go figure?! This satisfies the need to smoke more than anything cause, well, you kinda ARE smoking (in your head)... TRY IT!!!!
  • Actually better than I expected!
    Review by Alana on 11/1/2015
    I ordered these with my starter kit and I can't imagine anything being more satisfying as a cig substitute. I don't like menthol so I was afraid these would be minty, but they aren't. They're really really great. It goes great with my morning coffee too, which is when I thought I would miss real cigs the most!
  • AWESOME!!!
    Review by Brian Noble on 10/24/2015
    I recieved my order of the new WOWcartos when i placed the order they only had WOWboy and i really like this flavor a slight hint of chocolate with the slightest touch of mint and im glad there was only a hint of mint cause most of the mint or menthol are way to overpowering this isn't at all i love it and to boot the vapor production is outstanding and yes you notice the difference in the vapor compared to the premium cartos.. im sold cant wait to order more!!
  • awesome!
    Review by redharlequin on 10/4/2015
    I was afraid to try it if it was just a regular straight up tobacco flavor, but gave it a try. Can def. taste the chocolate! (just enough!) barely a whisper of the mint, almost not there.
    It IS delicious! LOTS of vapor! very pleasurable vape! I will order more!
  • Simple=
    Review by Vince Mount on 9/15/2015
    wow wow WOW is right!
  • 11mg WowBoy carts
    Review by L.F.Little on 6/29/2015
    These are my favorites, by far. I am out of fresh carts, nearly of juice to refill my old carts, and V4L is out of new carts, too!!! Please restock these! I can't buy 'em if y'all don't have 'em...
  • Excellent!
    Review by Bruce Bairrington on 6/27/2015
    I soooo love this one! I was lucky enough to get one of these in a sample pack when I got a started kit for Christmas. Lets just say I have now ordered my third box of 5 carts and have not touched a real cigarette since! Excellent product!
  • Perfect!
    Review by JB on 6/25/2015
    I have tried almost every flavor V4L has, and this is by far one of my favorites. It has perfect TH, great vapor, and a smooth flavor. It is #1 in my top 3! You won't regret getting this!!`
  • Perfect blend of flavor,
    Review by Bry-rye bread on 6/13/2015
    Great vapor, great throat hit, great flavor. Tastes exactly how descibed!
  • WOW traditional tobacco really is WOWWEEEE!!!! :)
    Review by Cheryl the Vaping Newbie on 6/11/2015
    I ordered my first VK kit and got a USB passthru with it. Popped a Wow TT carto on in and enjoyed hours of vaping the most intriguing nutty/chocolately/slight minty vapor! This carto's vapor is good and the USB passthru provided consistent power to make the first vape as juicy as the last vape. Try this flavor and you will be a fan, also!
  • My Fave
    Review by Dranny on 5/5/2015
    I vape all kinds of flavors, but have recently realized that this is my go-to cart in 11mg. Love the flavor, love the vapor...it's all good!
  • Awesome/BestEver Make it Menthol DIY
    Review by Shawn Engle on 5/2/2015
    I just wanted to type up this review to let all the menthol lovers dream come true because it has me. Actually I did not buy this Juice but I did get 2 box's of the Carto's I took a few drags and was like this is pretty dang good then after a couple more drag I had an Ideal I filled one the plactic end tips with maybe 5 or more drops and pushed the carto into the end and shook it up really good. Then I tried it "Volia" I had the most realist tasting Menthol Cig ever. I was thrilled becuase it was just like I made the first ECig/Analog. Well the closest I have ever tasted. I used Dunhall 36MG Juice and a 36MG WoWboy carto. If you like menthol but don't want to try this because it's just tobbaco/minty/nutty. Just make sure you have some Menthol Juice I think any type will work and any strengh as well. So Vape on people. If you have the 2 Juices I would go with 10 drops WoWboy to 3-4 drops the menthol of your choice but I really seem to like Dunhall Menthol.
    Review by Aaron Hallock on 5/1/2015
    I've been a analog smoker for 13 yrs. now and I recently switched to the E-cig! I've been having trouble finding the right all day vape cart and recently i received an extra sample of the Wowboy cart. WOW!! is right this is definitely the one I'm switching to! It does have a bit of a sweet nutty flavor to it but the strength is beyond anything else I've tried and is PERFECT!! TY VERY MUCH V4L for the extra samples to help me choose the right one for me!! My next order will be about 6 boxes of these with the 30ml bottle of extra juice!!=-D
  • They were just O.K
    Review by E-cig fan on 5/1/2015
    I was anxious to try these, but to me it tastes like a tobacco only flavor. I got no mint or chocolate flavor at all. Vapor production was great though!
  • Delicious
    Review by E-cig fan on 4/11/2015
    Sweet, smooth, good. Exactly as described.
  • Great Cart!!!
    Review by Brian on 4/4/2015
    This has become one of my favorites! Highly recommended.
  • Awesome
    Review by Law on 3/29/2015
    I use to smoke safecig but these last ALOT longer, have thicker vapor and a greater varierty. NO COMPARISON!
  • In love
    Review by Geoff on 3/18/2015

    My search is over, I found my brand!
  • Nice flavor
    Review by Amber Kelleher on 3/11/2015
    I previously smoked clove cigars and have quit by substituting the WOW vapor clove carts. My friend shared these Wowboy carts with me and I'm hooked! Good flavor and throat hit. Only complaint is that carts don't last as long as others I've tried. I just throw them out when they start to taste burnt.
  • Wow indeed
    Review by Brandon on 2/21/2015
    Just got this in the mail and I can tell this is going to be a favorite of mine. I don't taste the tobacco really. mostly chocolate with a minty aftertaste. So refreshing!
  • Amazing!
    Review by Joe Rice on 2/10/2015
    While im still pretty new to vaping this chocolate mintish wowboy is amazing, love the flavor it makes me never want to stop inhaling it!! lol
  • Pretzel?
    Review by Alex Dragon on 11/27/2014
    I liked this cart a lot and it seemed to last forever but to me it really tasted nothing like chocolate or tobacco but it seemed pretty much like inhaling a pretzel....as far as taste.
  • Awesome.
    Review by Mark Marshall on 11/24/2014
    These are among the best carts I've ever tasted.

    Just plain vaping heaven.

    You folks rock.
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 11/12/2014
    I'm obsessed with these carts...lol I even put an order in for the 30 ml. bottle of the juice, if it's good I'm stocking up on the juice and the carts cuz I absolutely ADORE the flavor! so far..this is prolly gonna make it in my top five if it already hasn't, anyway..on a scale of 1-5 as 5 being the best flavor definately a solid 5 in my book...throat hit another solid 5 all the way and as for vapor production...you guessed it! another big 5, if you haven't tried these yet..trust me! you gotta order a pack and give them a shot, yeah...their that good, but only my opinion everybody has different tastes, but still...go on and splurge what's 10 bucks! worst case scenerio not your cup of tea, then just clean and refill them with some juice, anyhow enough babbling from me already...lol hope I was of help to you guys. THANKYOU V4L!!!
  • good cart!
    Review by Mark Davis on 11/6/2014
    good cart (18mg) nice throat hit...nice flavor....good ammount of vape...im pleased w/ this cart....V4L had it to me in TWO days!! i gave it 4 just because its not the "best" but still good...buy w confidence!!
  • Chocolate\tobacco
    Review by KRYPTFICTION on 10/23/2014
    great flavor chocolate with tobacco, no mint taste but hey that is just me, all day vape for sure, throat hit 4/5 vapor production 4/5 and overall taste is a 4/5. But its a good smooth flavor you should try.
  • Wowgirls to
    Review by Linda Erickson on 10/22/2014
    Really liked this one. Full rich flavor. Made you ask, what is in this one. Thought I could taste a hint of cherry. Maybe it was tobacco, sweetened with chocolate, milk choc., not dark. Just the right amount of mint. Good vape guys. Keep up the good work.
  • So smooth
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 10/13/2014
    It's like vaping a chocolate covered pretzel. Very smooth and non-abrasive throat hit. I taste little to no mint and I like it that way. Really V4L crew, you've done an outstanding job with this flavor.
  • Yo, Check It
    Review by Charles LaRocco on 10/11/2014
    Let's wise up and get serious. This carto is friggin' SLAMMIN'! It keeps me charged up and silly all day long. Hey...you got mint...you got chocolate...you got tobacco...and to top it all off...it's a little nutty. Just like you and me. TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great Flavor
    Review by #NAME? on 10/10/2014
    Really like the flavor, but where are the higher strengths? You're always sold out of these in both cartomizers and juice!
  • Wowboy is perfect
    Review by Marti on 10/8/2014
    Love, Love , Love these...this is the flavor I have been looking for...found Menthols to be too menthol but Wowboy has just enough....WOW Boy-oh-boy
  • awesome, totally awesome
    Review by Paula Lapp on 9/23/2014
    umm, really have to admit this is more like an analog. great flavor and th. very nutty with a hint of chocolate. my god, i love this!!!! like others i don't really taste the mint, but it doesn't matter. the vapor is amazing. and i really am so satisfied with the th and the vapor. wow...hehe...will be ordering more tomorrow. honestly v4l...please more of this type of carto!!!!! juice??? don't even think about it ...order it!!! you will love it!!!
  • Two words... WOW BOY!
    Review by Kevin on 9/10/2014
    This flavor is exactly what I was hoping for! This is what that smell tastes like. Absolutely delicious! The perfect blend!
  • Please get more.
    Review by Beth Clopein on 8/30/2014
    My favorite flavor.
  • Truth in Advertising Wowboy (18)
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 8/8/2014
    This is simply an awesome Cart and should set the standard for taste, throat hit, and vapor production. This is a great all day vape and has quickly become one of my all time favorites.

    This is a very welcoming vape, that will greet you in morning, play nice all day, and tuck you into bed with a smile :)
  • My favorite
    Review by Dranny on 8/3/2014
    These were the carts that finally got me committed. Once I had my Wowboys I no longer cared about 'real' smokes and it wasn't long before I preferred these.
    Review by Bones on 6/25/2014
    This is my favorite. You cannot go wrong with this if you like a lot of vapor and regular flavored cigarette. I like it better than a real cigarette.
  • One of my favorites
    Review by JE on 6/11/2014
    Wowboy is an excellent flavor. I dont taste the tobacco flavor, but the hint of choc and mint is great. However its not an all-day vape for me, it seems to get a bit dull after a while. Maybe it needs a bit more chocolate or something, but anyway I will definitely buy more.
  • Tastes fine
    Review by Robert Van Brunt on 4/15/2014
    I think i have been away from tobacco flavors so long I have lost interest in carts like this one but the flavor was exactly as stated and the vapor productions was OMG amazing!!. I personally will not re-order these just cause of personal preference.

    Can't wait to try the other WoW ones.
    Review by michelle on 4/13/2014
    I was sent a sample, as v4l is so nice, if you ask, or even not they send a sample anyway i got this one, and it was great, smooth, i had to order right away 4 box's, oh yea!!! I would of ordered a case if i could of. outstanding. The best ever
  • pleasant
    Review by ty on 3/21/2014
    Got this as a sample like it a lot. Inhale chocolate and nutty flavor exhale same flavor but at the end that hint of mint. lots of vapor no joke. I am still satisfied with the old ones but it's nice to have that option of more vapor. Look forward to the juice and blank carts. Don't hold out on us V4L
  • Taste great!
    Review by Frank on 3/9/2014
    As far as if its any better than premiums. It is, I wouldnt say there is a HUGE difference to me. This new flavor is great though. It sounded gross but I thought I would try it anyway and I actually like it. Like everyone else says it taste nutty with chocolate but I dont really taste mint though on the exhale its a bit sweet which is nice.
  • yep the description is right
    Review by E-cig devotee on 2/1/2014
    this is the ultimate carto... there is nothing about this i dont like. everyone will have different tastes. i like the fruit flavors and the sweet flavors and i wouldnt want to do without them, but as a former camel smoker i need something else in my day to day and this is it! (even the color is perfect... black batteries - black carto) i get these in 18 or 24 and refil with liquid of the same thing and love it. even some clove liquid if you have it is good
  • takes getting used to
    Review by Richard on 1/31/2014
    I got these in 18, lots of vapor, good throat hit, the taste takes getting used to, kinda like burnt alpine chocholate mints
  • Sweetness is Tightness
    Review by Chucky La Vapeguy on 1/26/2014
    Lemme throw you some knowledge...this carto is good stuff. Always has been and always will.
  • Good flavor
    Review by Jeannie Hill on 1/8/2014
    I like the Wowboy a lot!
  • WOWboy
    Review by devscojo on 12/7/2013
    My favorite tobacco flavor so far. Nutty flavor with a TON of vapor. I personally do not get any mint flavor, but that could be because I normally vape the smilin menthol and other menthol/mint flavors. It is another winner for V4L
  • Scrumptious!
    Review by Shirley K on 11/28/2013
    Nice smooth TH, delicious chocolate top note, barely taste the mint which I'm glad because I'm not a fan of mint.

    Highly recommend to all!
  • wowboy
    Review by Cielo on 11/22/2013
    I was sent a sample of wowboy with my order. Was scared to try it because i hate mint but its surprisingly good! Maybe my taste buds are shot but I cant taste any mint but thats a good thing (for me). Vapor production is great too and love the easy soft mouth cap. V4L you have a winner!
  • All what I can say is WOW
    Review by Zak on 10/30/2013
    Superior flavor, Superior vapor, extremely fulfilling aroma (I feel I want to chew it), and Superior throat hit. I love many other flavors and vap them for variety and to allow me to enjoy the aroma, because if you always vap the same one you will get used to it and lose enjoying it. BUT, this is the one that took me off analog smoking after 35 years, and over a year of trying other eCig brands. ps. I use 18 mg
  • WOW is an understatement!
    Review by Lee Enfinger on 10/24/2013
    This has got to be one of, if not the best yet, of all the flavors on this site! Smooth tobacco flavor with a deep chocolate overtone or maybe a good coffee bean type flavor. I don't sense any mint or menthol as the description suggest, but the flavor mix is just right! As a menthol smoker for 30 years, WowBoy has become a favorite without any menthol or mint! A+++
  • AWESOME!!!!
    Review by E-cig buff on 10/23/2013
    This cart by far is my favorite. Good TH and VP. Not to sweet. Just like it is supposed to be. Great job V4L!!
  • wowboy
    Review by johnathan souffront on 10/14/2013
    good mellow smooth taste ....almost didnt wana put it down but i had to remind myself there is nicotine in it lol also even better when i mixed it with my new menthol juice
  • GREAT!!
    Review by dale winchester on 9/29/2013
    Taste like a upgrade ry4 to me great th,vapor and will definately be ordering more.
  • OMG!!
    Review by Elaina on 9/27/2013
    These cartos are sooooo awesome. This is now my absolute favorite flavor, and it is ooh so smooth. A perfect blend of tobacco, chocolate, and mint (mint is very mild). The throat hit is spot on for me in 8mg, and the vapor production is great. I could vape these all day every day.
  • Excellent! But please restock!
    Review by Jason Magnon on 9/25/2013
    This is my favorite cart by far... so many tones and flavors to it. It has the tobacco taste but with much more (mint, sweet tones of some sort, etc.). I love it. But I'd like some more of the higher nicotine ones please! Thanks :D
  • Not to Shabby!!
    Review by Jim Casey on 9/17/2013
    Not sure yet about the taste, Not sure if I like it. That being said, by far the best throat hit I have gotten so far. I got the 24mg carts. The vapor is also excellent. I can taste the chocolate slightly and the hint of mint is what I believe gives it the nice throat hit, but you don't really taste it. When they say hint of mint, they mean exactly that. I got a box of these and as I vape them, they seem to get better and better. All in all if Throat hit is what your craving, this has it for sure!!
  • They are not lying
    Review by Vanessa on 9/16/2013
    V4L's review of their own flavor is dead on! This flavor is amazing and great for an all day vape.
  • Love at 1st hit!
    Review by Claudia Chastain on 9/13/2013
    This is probably one of my all time favorites. Love the flavor and then you get a hit of the chocolate and mint. I could definitely OD on these!!
  • Excellent Flavor
    Review by A Wayne Pennington on 9/11/2013
    I'm new to e-cigs, but I must admit I'm addicted already!!! This flavor is wonderful, hard to describe, but I will try. Smooth hit, reminds you of something you've tasted before, but still not coming to my mind what that is. Try it you will like it!!!
  • One of my fave's!
    Review by Annette on 8/25/2013
    I use to only smoke menthol light analogs. Being new to vaping, I've been trying all the dif flavors. I read the reviews to help me decide what to try~so thank you to all that write reviews!! I tried this based on reviews and it is def one of my favorites!! It has a little sweetness but a lil choc flavor, great vapor, just an all around great flavor! When I vape it, people usually walk in the room and say "oh whats that smell?" (in a good way) then try to guess what it is. Yesterday my son thought I was baking something, lol. This will be on my re-order list every time!!
  • Reminds me of 555
    Review by April on 8/15/2013
    Only vaped one so far and I'm not getting the mint at all. I do love mint though, so maybe it's just not strong enough for me to note. It mainly reminds of 555; it has the same nut based flavor profile. I do taste, or should I say smell, some chocolate if I french inhale. The vapor production is great, but I don't if it's enough for me to spend the extra money instead of just buying the premiums for the vapor production alone...now if it's a flavor I could only get in a WOW version that might make me buy them. We'll have to see:)
    Review by Paul on 6/17/2013
    Ok so here is my experience with this flavor thus far. The flavor of these carts is unbelievable and tastes exactly how described. It has a light chocolate, light mint, and moderate tobacco flavor mixed in. Its like vaping mint chocolate chip ice cream (the green kind) with the kick of a cigarette and I do mean KICK! I DEFINITELY recommend this flavor, it's quite unique!
  • Really, really, really like these.
    Review by Yolanda Davis on 5/23/2013
    I find these pretty refreshing and full of flavor...even in 11mg. Very nice.
  • wowboy is the best ever!! 8)
    Review by Nathaniel Brown on 5/20/2013
    I love the rich vapor and mildly nutty chocolatey taste these are my new choice for when I just need to have a nice vape to focus during a homework session or relax after a long day. I wish they still carried the 24 mg carts. But this flavor is by far the best I have experienced. Vape-on 8)
  • Best tobacco flavor I've tasted so far.
    Review by Joe Sterling on 5/17/2013
    The vaopr wasnt as inpressive to me as i expected, but the flavor was down right amazing, nice tobacco flavor with a smooth chocolate flavor. Really good,
    Thanks for the free sample of this, keep the good carts coming.
  • This is the best!
    Review by Johnny Wong on 5/16/2013
    I got the sampler/trial for the tobacco pack, and this was da BOMB! I miss this sooo much!
  • Blow some SMOKE
    Review by Rossman on 5/14/2013
    These carts are very tasty- just like a good smoke- and are very easy to pull a drag from. Worth the extra buck(s) to actually see & taste smoke coming out of your mouth when you exhale.
  • Wowboy Carts
    Review by Denise Major on 3/27/2013
    Wowboy carts are the best. Thank you.
  • Great entry level e cig
    Review by Tom on 11/1/2017
    Great starter pack for entry level and people looking to quit smoking. Worked for me since 2011.
  • Easy breezy
    Review by thomas on 3/9/2018
    Easy to find than Mark10 brand or other brands. Cheaper than the competition and taste is great

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