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Wowboy Peppermint e Cig Cartridges

Peppermint meets WOWboy for a crispy cool spin that tastes like a light menthol cigarette mixed with a rich coffee.
Wowboy and Peppermint, two of Vapor4Life's most popular flavors ,combined together in one of our finest cartomizer flavors. Although initially created when a V4L employee accidentally refilled a Peppermint Cartomizer with our Wowboy e-liquid, this is one mistake we're proud of! Attach your Vapor King up to this one-of-a-kind cartomizer flavor and enjoy its fantastic vapor and taste. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...
  • Wow!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    Good, minty flavor! Wow!
  • Wonderful flavor
    Review by Vape NH on 4/16/2017
    This has been a favorite of mine for years and I order 5 boxes at a time. Excellent peppermint flavor with just the right amount of sweetness added in. Sometimes I just blow through a cart to keep tasting the flavor. I even backed down to an 11 because I get carried away,lol. Really good!!! I have not tried the spearmint or super mint yet because I have been so satisfied with these but definitely will after reading the reviews.
  • Love the flavor
    Review by Jennifer on 3/13/2016
    So far I am new to vaping but I love the WOWBOY peppermint it mos def has great flavor and a nice little kick. I have not even craved a regular cig since I received my kit. Thanks Vapor4Life.
    Review by Julie on 4/10/2015
    This is my favorite. Don't want a regular cig after using these and I was not a menthol smoker
  • Awesome
    Review by jatrex on 2/24/2015
    Smoked menthol analogs for many yrs and these are the best I've tried. Been analog free for 2 wks and after 30 years nothing else has worked for me until now. Thanks V4L for all the choices.
  • Very Nice!
    Review by E-cig maniac on 11/22/2014
    I smoked menthols and this is better. Smooth, minty, but not too harsh. It's a clean lightly sweet mint. I got this is a freebie, and I will be so sad when this carto is gone!
  • Fantastic
    Review by Tammy Plaisance on 10/3/2014
    These cartomizers are by far the best ones I've ordered to date. Been searching for a perfect menthol replacement to analogs. This is it. Just ordered the juice.
  • Wow wowboy peppermint
    Review by Nathan Mahar on 3/28/2014
    The wowboy peppermint is one of my favorites, great flavor and alot of vapor. I definitely recommend this if you are a fan of the Wowboy.
  • Outstanding new flavor
    Review by William Blair on 1/18/2014
    I was a huge fan of the wow peppermint (having been a menthol smoker)... but the wowboypeppermint completely blew me away! It has the great peppermint flavor (rather than a more bitter mint like some others), but it also has the fantastic tobacco- chocolate taste of the wowboy. Fantastic job on this one!!
  • nice
    Review by Jessica Estes on 10/30/2013
    These are just like the wowboys but with a little hit of peppermint. Real good combo.
  • wowboy peppermint
    Review by ryan gear on 8/19/2013
    I have tried many flavors, most of them good but this is the first one that I liked so much I felt compelled to write a review. I used to smoke menthol analogs and have never found a menthol/mint flavor that wasn't overbearing like mouthwash or toothpaste! Great job on this one nice flavor/vapor NO bitter mint aftertaste. By far the best!
  • One of my Fav's
    Review by B ANDERSON on 4/15/2013
    I've tried many V4L carts. I've been a menthol lover for 30 something yrs. One of my first orders included Wowboy Peppermint and I really love it. It really isn't a menthol to me, and has a hint of peppermint in it, but the most noticeable taste and smell I get is Carmel Popcorn. It is really good. I like to switch from one flavor to another. That keeps it interesting and I always can't wait to screw in the WowBoy Peppermint, even though it seems like it should be WowBoy Carmel Corn. I really love this one. Keep up the good work V4L. Don't change this one!!!!!!

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