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Wowboy e Juice (30 mL)

Our e liquid experts blended the taste of rich tobacco leaves with hints of chocolate and mint to craft one of Vapor4Life's signature flavors: Wowboy tobacco e juice. Wowboy is one of our top-selling e liquids, and a great choice for first-time and long-time vapers alike. If you're a smoker who prefers a more subtle menthol flavor, Wowboy e juice will hit the spot with its subtle touch of mint, and just enough pure tobacco to satisfy your cravings for cigarettes. The tobacco is not too overwhelming, making this vape flavor an instant favorite for many of our V4L family.

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  • Finally!!! No sugary aftertaste!!!
    Review by Lily on 7/1/2018
    I have been searching for an ejuice that does not have that sickeningly sweet/sugary (or sweet at all for that matter) aftertaste. My most recent purchases were the 555 (not bad but has the sweet aftertaste) Congress (did NOT LIKE-has a funky taste that reminds me of curry (?) and also the sweet aftertaste) and Wowboy. Wowboy was the last I sampled and I was nervous--thinking that maybe all ejuice has this taste- but I am so happy to report that Wowboy does not! No sugary sweetness, no aftertaste! Yay! I occasionally will vape something fruity and enjoy the sweetness. Fruit is supposed to be sugary tasting; tobacco not so much. Wowboy for the win!!!
  • Like the Old Tobacco Shop
    Review by Matthew on 3/25/2018
    This juice totally reminds me of the cigar shop in the mall. Unique taste. Chocolate and tobacco?... Not bad. Thumbs Up.
  • Love this Juice
    Review by Gina on 2/28/2018
    A must try!
  • A classic – go to juice
    Review by Jason on 2/18/2018
    After being a V4L customer for about 7-8 years now (!!!) I have always purchased WowBoy with every single order. This juice never gets old, unlike some other juices that your tastebuds don't like over time. Definitely in my top 3 juices
    Review by ANTHONY E. on 12/10/2017
  • My go to...
    Review by John on 9/17/2017
    When I first quit smoking and went to V4l, I heard this was the best liquid. They were right and this is all that I use. Stick with what works right?
  • Wowboy is my go to!
    Review by Don on 9/11/2017
    Wowboy is excellent! I've been vaping it for close to 5 years! This has really become my only vape, just seems to go with everything. Occasionally I'll try something else but this is my go to juice.
  • Best tobacco blend by far
    Review by Brian on 8/13/2017
    I have been using Wowboy ejuice for over 5 years. The consistent quality is great. I have tried many eliquids but keep coming back to Wowboy as my all day vape! it has a mild tobacco with hints of mint and chocolate but it's not sweet or overpowering. I use it in V4L Smileomizers regularly but you can use it in tanks too as it is a ejuice that is not too thick so it wicks well.
    If you want a tobacco blend that does not taste like a traditional cig or ashtray then this is the one to try. Highly recommended.
  • My all day vape.
    Review by Paul on 7/9/2017
    I keep this in hand at all times. This is my all day vape. I smoked Marlboro lights for over 20 years and this juice is the closest I've come yet to that flavor. I've tried almost all and this was my favorite.
  • Good flavor
    Review by Ugne on 1/12/2017
    Good flavor, you could definitely taste the smooth and bold menthol but I would prefer others before choosing this one.
  • The Best!
    Review by Kimberly on 1/12/2017
    This is the best ejuice on the market that I have ever tried! I've tried quite a few other flavors, but they don't even come close to the perfect blend of wowboy.
  • Does not compare
    Review by ANTHONY E. on 1/12/2017
    This is my standby
    Use this to mix with other flavors
    Love it
  • In a league of its own
    Review by Kathy on 12/8/2016
    This e juice liquid is the ultimate perfect combination of chocolate, mint and tobacco. It is unlike any other e juice out there. Try it you will not be disappointed!
  • This was my first E-Juice that I ever tried from Vapor4Life and is still my all time favorite tobacco/chocolate combo. Must try this amazing E-Juice which is an ALL-STAR V4L exclusive!
    Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
    This was my first E-Juice that I ever tried from Vapor4Life and is still my all time favorite tobacco/chocolate combo. It was a slight hint of chocolate that is very satisfying but doesn't mask the tobacco flavor. I like to mix it with Wow Outlaw Blend, Wow Smilin Tobacco & Premium Smilin Special Menthol Nobacco Juice to create the ultimate & most satisfying e-juice blend that tastes better then any other E-Juice blend. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Wowboy says it all...WOW BOY...love it
    Review by Susie on 10/28/2016
    Sweet and slightly tobacco tasting this WOWBOY is a HIT...been my go to for a couple years. have tried others occasionally, but always come back to this.
    Review by Kimberly on 8/22/2016
    Wowboy is the only ejuice I vape! I have tried many other flavors in the past and they don't even come close to the perfect blend of the satisfying mixture of wowboy. Please don't ever discontinue this ejuice because I would never find an ejuice I enjoy more than wowboy.
  • Excellent Flavor!
    Review by Karyn on 7/29/2016
    I love the very light hint of mint in this e-liquid! I like to mix a little of this in with my Wowbacco. It's so smooth and has a really nice flavor. This is one of my two favorite go-to e-liquids. This was one of the first vapes I ever tried. I was not intending to quit smoking until I received a sample of this in my starter kit that I bought as a suplement to use in places where analogs are not allowed. I liked it so much, I never bought another pack of cigarettes! Give this one a try, you will like the flavor!
  • Great tobacco taste
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    One of the first flavors I ever tried. I originally wanted something as close to tobacco as possible, and this did the trick. The mild flavors of mint and chocolate really give it a unique taste.
  • Smooth
    Review by Kimberly on 7/21/2016
    One of my favorite flavors. Smooth and nice flavor.
  • Back to Wowboy
    Review by Rhonda on 4/18/2016
    I used to vape Wowboy plus others but got hooked on the Cognac flavor. Went to 0 nic. It's being discontinued so I had to find something else. I went through all my old flavors and it wasn't working for me. Then I remembered the wowboy and tried it again, Its still great and comes in 0. Now I'm trying some of the other Tobacco flavors too. This has just the right touch of mint.
  • REPLY TO: steve from kalaheo, kauai, HI United Sta
    Review by Thomas Wright on 4/7/2016
    Steve, WOWBoy is a mix of tobacco and mint with a hint of chocolate. Maybe you just didn't know what to expect so it left a bad taste in your mouth. Then again, maybe not.
    Anyway, love this flavor - it's tied for my number-one favorite with WOW Butterscotch. Is it possible to be in love with a no-bacco juice?
  • Great UNKOWN tobacco flavor
    Review by TED LANNING on 3/14/2016
    Next to my beloved RY4 and WOW Peppermint this flavor is a close tie!!! Don't ask me for 1rst or 2nd there all 3 PERFECT. This was one of the last V4L's WOW flavors I wanted to try. I must of spent $100 of dollars when i first started to vape searching for that ultimate TOBACCO flavor. Of course like most of us I gave up. BUT here I find it was right under my nose the whole time. UNBELIEVABLE :]
  • The best
    Review by Jay Lawrence on 3/9/2016
    This is by far my favorite flavor. Green tea being my second. Now as I do love the green tea I prefer wowboy. Please restock this flavor, its been to long.
  • wow wowboy
    Review by BernietheMac on 2/14/2016
    Just recently got wowboy 8 carts and have made it my #2 choice. love them after 555's.
  • another confused customer
    Review by E-cig fan on 1/12/2016
    I have purchased many other ecigs (V4L is best quality) and flavors - hands down Wowboy is the best! But WHERE IS IT? I agree that the price is right, the customer service is tops, and the product is the best...when you can get it! Seriously, this is an issue you MUST solve! I continue to shop around for an alternative; I hope I don't find something else before this comes back in stock.
  • My all time favorite
    Review by slobbt on 1/3/2016
    This is my favorite juice, having experimented with tons of other ones I always fall back on this. Too bad they dont sell it in a quantity over 30ml.
    Review by Michele on 12/8/2015
    To be fair this is the best juice I have ever used. None of the other deacent WOW flavors are in stock either (tho they are all last resort chices for me compares to this). I am to the point of searching for another source for quality 18 mg juice. I hate to have to find another source as V4L has always provided quality service. But we have NEEDS.
  • One of a kind
    Review by Christen on 11/28/2015
    I've been vaping this flavor ever since it was introduced. It is my all time favorite, go-to, happy time vape! I never get sick of it! It has the light tobacco flavor I really prefer in juices, but you can still taste the subtle sweet, chocolatey mint. If this is ever discontinued...I will die from sadness. :)
  • Consistently Great Flavor!!
    Review by MonYaga on 11/18/2015
    Been vaping going on three years. this e liquid is hands down the most consistently great flavor. I say that because in my experience the flavors evolve over a period of constant vape and this particular flavor doesnt lose its flavor, nor does it crud up my attys like some do. MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!
  • Starter flavor turned favorite
    Review by Kanans on 11/4/2015
    If you are just starting out, this is a good flavor to start with, in the 18mg or 24mg variety. Mild nutty tobacco flavor (no aftertaste :), with just of hint of mint. One of the first flavors I tried when I started vaping about a year and a half ago. It doesn't have that weird flavor I find the chocolate and tobacco flavors tend to have. I also get comments from people around that they like the aroma it gives off. Now its my all time favorite and I vape it daily.
  • the best
    Review by Velvet Reilly on 10/29/2015
    Wowboy is my favorite flavor. The smooth tobacco taste with the hint of chocolate...oh my. Just perfect, not too sweet, no bite -- really the most pleasant vapor flavor I've had. None of the Vapor4Life e liquids have an aftertaste, as I have found in some local shops. Very high quality stuff.
  • WOWBoy is WOWsome!
    Review by Gary Meier on 10/13/2015
    A great combination of flavors as well as a perfect balance of throat hit and vapor (18mg)! Don't mess with this one V4L it can't get any better IMO. I don't really notice the mint everyone mentions so if you fear this (not crazy about menthol) don't worry and give it a try.
  • Best WOW out there!
    Review by Kevin Del Gatto on 10/5/2015
    It is Krazie kid here, this is by far the best wowvapor flavor that is out there right now!
  • Steer Clear
    Review by Thomas on 9/10/2015
    The listing in the drop down menu - 1.8% (5 travel size 6ml bottles) - is NOT the same Wowboy flavor as the 30ml bottles. It's not horrible, just not the same.
  • Best flavor I've had so far
    Review by Wesley on 9/2/2015
    I tried a few flavors (Wowbacco, Coconut Almond and Kamel [Oasis], to name a few) and this is the one for me. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Nice vape under a shade tree. Good hit and a nice head buzz. I only give it 4 stars because it tastes like the flavor has deteriorated over the past few weeks. Maybe I am getting used to it, or maybe my battery needs better cleaning (even though I clean it weekly). I highly suggest this for someone just getting into the vaping world. 18mg strength.
  • Close to an all-day vape
    Review by Indy Sunshine on 8/31/2015
    Really difficult to taste the mint and a little too harsh for me. But if you add about 6-8 drops of Peppermint, it's perfect and yummy! Vaping 8mg on my incredible Zeus.
  • Wowboy!
    Review by Stanger on 8/28/2015
    This stuff is great, I've been searching for my everyday juice to vape for months. I've finally found it with this stuff. I know everyone has their own tastes but it's the best juice I've found anywhere. I will order more of this for sure. Hope it stays in stock. To me it has a slight tobacco flavor with a mildly sweet under taste of chocolate. Been trying different flavors from different vendors and I finally found the stuff I'm going to vape on a regular basis. Thanks V4L!
  • The perfect vape.
    Review by Will Thomas on 8/28/2015
    I used these cartomizers when I first started Vaping a couple of years ago. They were awesome. The tobacco taste is not overwhelming. The slight chocolate and mint undertones make this an almost luxurious vape.

    I eventually gave up on e-cigs because the smaller batteries kept running out during the day and I was always washing my battery in my clothes and just lazily went back to analogs.

    I decided to give vaping a second chance because e-cigs had advanced quite a bit so I went with a Ego-T with a CE-4 clearomizer.

    I immediately sought out V4L to get some Wowboy. This is an amazing vape. This juice works beautifully with my Ego-T and CE-4 system

    V4L has always sold great, high quality products, and even though I don't use them to purchase batteries or cartomizers anymore, they still retain my e-juice business because there is not a finer flavor imho than Wowboy.
  • Love Love Love
    Review by JNW on 8/22/2015
    I love Wowboy Smooth. The product description does an excellent job of explaining the flavor. I wanted the flavor of tobacco to make the switch from a real cigarette to my ecig. The chocolate and mint are very subtle but add so much to the taste. This is my favorite flavor by far!
  • WowBoy! Perfect name
    Review by Debra on 7/14/2015
    I have been vaping for two years. I have tried many flavors. This is the one I have stuck with from the beginning. Great taste.
  • My Go-to flavor
    Review by Dranny on 7/13/2015
    As the title suggests, this is my go-to flavor when I want tobacco flavor. I use this with a few drops of the Wowboy VG to top off and I love the amount of vapor and the flavor.
  • Awesome flavor
    Review by Keith on 6/29/2015
    Great throat hit, and satisfying tobacco taste with a hint of chocolate and mint. But not overwhelming. I didn't think I would like it at first, but is now may favorite.
  • The Best of the Best
    Review by Christopher on 6/27/2015
    Tastes like tobacco candy with a good TH kick. Awesome, way better than analog. I switched from the analogs after I found this one. Very, VERY good, It's my all day vape and I can't get enough!
  • Good stuff!!
    Review by Panda_bear on 6/20/2015
    Obviously, from reading the other reviews, the wowboy wow is back in stock as mine arrived today. I'm not a con of the sewer (hee! hee!) when it comes to flavors, I'm just trying to stop smoking analogs and so far after receiving my V4L kit over two weeks ago, I never had another analog smoke, so this is working.
    I chose wowboy wow from other reviewers comments and I really like it. I am on the 8mg as I am trying to quit all nicotine, but this suits me fine. Hoping to try a 0mg wowboy in my next order to see what it is like with no nicotine. Thanks, V4L for everything!
  • My favorite!
    Review by Lady K on 3/26/2015
    I quit smoking analog cigarettes totally by vaping about 2 months ago! I thought up to then that I was a hopeless cigarette smoker and that eventually I would become very sick. I love vaping and my favorite daily e-juice is Wowboy! Sometimes I just hold my nose up to my mod to smell this delicious flavor. I purchase all my products from vapor4life because of their excellent products and fabulous customer service. I also like that they are a USA company! Thank you for all you do so I can continue on being a x-smoker for the rest of my life!
  • Oh what a flavor!
    Review by Cheri on 3/21/2015
    I have used this liquid for 1 1/2 years..the best ever! This is the only reason I haven't given up vaping. I am addicted to the flavor :-)
  • WOW!
    Review by z2x2 on 3/7/2015
    Wowboy is a fantastic juice! Definitely taste the flavors listed, tobacco, chocolate, and mint. A perfect mix if you ask me. The mint is more than a hint, but not overwhelming. I strongly dislike menthols, but love Wowboy! Flavor is strong, vapor is plenty. Vapes superb on 3.7v, even better on 5v!
  • Please make more wowboy!!
    Review by Bruce on 3/4/2015
    I agree with jatrex and Pam. Please restock! I really miss having a bottle of Wowboy juice. Prefilled carts are fine for now, but nothing beats the flavor of dripping!
  • WowBoy 18
    Review by Chuck Samurai on 1/27/2015
    Wowboy 18 is the reason I get p in the morning. I can't describe the luciousness of this flavor. This flavor is the bomb diggity. You gotta get this flavor. You will thank me...infact...your soul will thank me. Press on my brothers and sisters. Wowboy is your friend.
  • Pleased
    Review by rufus holder on 1/18/2015
    We got the Wowboy 30ml vapor bottle today in the mail along with our wow Pprmnt 30ml as well as our 30ml VG Choc..

    We had already known the wowboy is one of our favorite flavors. And the juice taste just as good as the cartomizers.

    What I did though, was add in a few drops of each, the wowboy, wowPprmnt, and vg choc. into a new cartomizer. And it's an awesome taste. With good vapor production. Very smooth. The bulk of my mixture was 7 drops of wowboy, 3 drops of WowPprmnt, and 4 drops of VG chocolate. Exceptional flavor. This is my new favorite flavor mixture. The Choc. VG adds a hint of chocolate flavor and seems to beef up the vapor production.

    I understand the wowboy naturally already has a hint of Pprmnt to it. But I love the Pprmnt flavor, so I like it to taste a little bit stronger.

    What I understand is that PG = stronger flavors and good throat hits.

    And VG = Better Vapor production, So both PG and VG together work really well.

  • Wowboy
    Review by Kelli on 12/31/2014
    This has been pretty much the only flavor I've vaped for quite a long time. I know this flavor well however the shipment I got today tastes a lot different. Not sure if the recipe changed or what. The new taste is ok but definitely not the same.
  • Supply and Demand V4L
    Review by jatrex on 12/13/2014
    Supply and Demand is good for business V4L.....you have the demand but NEVER the supply in the juice or carts!! My husband and I have been analog free since 1/28/11 thanks to your great selection of flavors and good customer service. However, the best customer service can't make up for lack of product. We love love love the Wowboy and the Peppermint juices. Hands down the best flavors and our everyday vapes. Please keep your most popular flavors and strengths in stock. We are being forced to look for alternatives from other companies......very disappointing since we really like V4L and would rather spend our $$ with you.
  • YES!
    Review by MZ on 11/21/2014
    This is hands down my all time favorite, anywhere, any site.
  • Wow Boy! is accurate
    Review by Cheryl on 11/18/2014
    This was one of the first eliquid flavors I tried over two years ago. After spending a lot of time searching for "better" flavors, this is one I always come back to. Tons of delicious vapor when used in any of my carto/atty/tank/clearomizers and assorted batteries. If you like tobacco, mint and chocolate, then give this one a try! I still vape this flavor daily after two years! :)
  • My kingdom for a bottle of Wowboy
    Review by Wowboy Toker on 11/9/2014
    Having tried many of the available flavors from V4L, I agree with the others that Wowboy 18 is hands down the best I have used. But it is quite frustrating to never see it available in the 30ml liquid. Please, please, please make efforts to get and keep this flavor in stock!
  • Buy it!
    Review by MZ on 11/8/2014
    It is tasty:)
  • Real good stuff...
    Review by Wayne on 10/28/2014
    I've been using V4L for six months - pretty much ever since I started vapaing. All along I knew that Wowboy would be good, if not great. And I wasn't wrong!

    I smoked for 35 years, and smoked "Marbollo" Reds for 25 of those years. So I knew what they tasted like, and knew that Wowboy was V4L's version of that flavor. Not wanting to be disappointed, I deliberately avoided trying Wowboy, although I've tried almost all of their other tobacco flavors and I like a lot more of them than I don't like.

    I decided to take the plunge on my most recent order and I'm damn glad I did. Wowboy WOW Vapor Juice is outstanding! And even though "real" tobacco smoke can't be replicated 100% in any vape (which is actually a good thing), Wowboy has got to be the next best thing. It's a fantastic mix - you can taste the faintest hints of chocolate and mint if you're looking for them, but it's far from overwhelming. Whatever flavorings are included in Wowboy Juice, they seems to strike a PERFECT balance. I seriously doubt that the flavor could be improved upon - it's just right.

    Good job V4L. You can bet that I will be buying this stuff again, probably for as long as you all keep making it!
  • I Love It!
    Review by Elaina on 8/5/2014
    This flavor tastes the same as the cartomizers to me. A perfect balance of tobacco, chocolate, and a hint of mint. I don't really taste the mint, but it gives my mouth a very slight tingly feeling. It's more like asking "Is that mint?", as opposed to saying "Wow, that's mint!".
    Both the 4mg and 8mg produce a nice smooth throat hit with excellent vapor in the premium carts. I could vape this all day everyday!!
  • WOW!!!
    Review by Carto fanatic on 8/1/2014
    Thats all i can say is WOW. I love this Juice!! The only reason i gave it 4 stars is because they are always out of 36mg strength.
  • Interesting flavor
    Review by L. Henderson on 7/29/2014
    I waited to try this for a long time. Taste is subjective so this is just my take on it. I was expecting a cigarette flavor. At 18mg it has a nice throat hit and clouds of vapor. The taste reminds me of 555 on inhale, with a slight hint of mint and 555 taste on exhale. I really like it better than 555 and that's good since it's hard to find stock on 555. Win-win.
  • Everybody has different tastes
    Review by Tony on 7/27/2014
    At first I could agree with a pretzel. But than it changed to more of a hint of mint. Than finally it was just something different with a hint of mine. Just got to try it, everyone has different tastes buds, see what yours are.
  • Good Vape
    Review by Sean on 7/18/2014
    This is a good subtle vape, Nice break when you want something light. I taste the Mint as the main flavor, Then the tobacco as the 2nd. And the chocolate comes in every now and then. The Mint to me is doesn't have a menthol feel to it which I like. Over all a fine vape !
  • wowboy
    Review by matt f. on 7/4/2014
    This is by far my fav. e-juice ..i have tried many other flavours since i started vaping almost 3 yrs ago...ive had the rest ..and this is the best..hands down!! Worth every penny..
  • Awesome
    Review by Bleu on 6/22/2014
    I love the flavor. Have been using the same flavor for approx. 3 yrs now. Down my strength to 4mg sometime ago. Awesome sums it up.
  • Snickers bar
    Review by JiZz 2 Xtreme on 6/15/2014
    ok so after only tryin it did I realize i didn't really like it too much.. just a personal opinion but it tastes like a burnt snickers bar..
  • WOW in the Wowboy name is right!!!
    Review by Glen on 5/27/2014
    A superb e-juice that provides a rich and robust flavor experience while at the same time being just mellow enough to be perfect for ALL day vaping or enjoyed as dessert after a meal.
    This e-juice is one of if not my favorite.
    An extremely smooth blend of tobacco, chocolate and mint in what I believe are perfect proportions.
    All three flavors are easily tasted without one overwhelming the others.
    The mint flavor is like one would expect from a peppermint patty, not a spearmint, but very mild in comparison.
    V4L has a true winner here!

  • review of Wowboy WOW Vapor Juice (30 ml)
    Review by Carto buff on 5/26/2014
    this stuff is awesome through and through. get it when you can! I buy in 24mg and keep my wowboy cartos topped off whenever i can.
  • Wow is right!
    Review by Anthony Fluhart on 5/18/2014
    I decided to get some of this after seeing the plethora of positive reviews. I must say that I'm not dissapointed in the least! This is by far one of my favorite juices to date! Great vapor and great flavor. Definitely a must try if you haven't already!
  • Deliciously Complex Yet Simple
    Review by Michael on 4/20/2014
    Still fairly new to E-Cigs and E-Juice but I can say that Wowboy would be hard to beat. I got it in 18mg and threw in CoolCart blank. Good amount of vapor on exhale, and just a slight touch of throat hit, which is exactly what I want. Flavors that stand out are a "tobacco" flavoring and 2nd to that is the chocolate. I personally taste it as more of a nutty chocolate, almost like a subtle Nutella flavor. Honestly though I can't taste any mint that it apparently has but it's perfectly fine by me. Got it for the great reviews and very glad I went for it.
  • Great stuff!
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 4/5/2014
    After several packs of carts, I thought I'd give the juice a try! so I ordered it in the 24 mg strength...very close to the carts, I really like this stuff and will be ordering more later on down the road that's for sure, along with the premium blank cartridges as well. As far as my grating scale goes, I rated it as follows...

    1-5 as 5 being the best..

    Flavor=4 1/2
    Throat hit=4
    Vapor production=4 - 4 1/2

    hope this helped... and thankyou V4L!!!
  • Mmmm yummy!
    Review by R Bunds on 1/26/2014
    Wanted to try this after so many good reviews. This as others have said a terrific liquid. It is tobacco flavor based, but it's the mildest I've tasted so far which is nice. It has a mild chocolate taste as well.

    Vapor production is terrific, more then any other V4L liquid I have tried so far except for the Kamel Menthol which is about even.

    It also has a great throat hit!

    Shame they don't have a menthol flavor, had to mix up some of my own by adding some menthol, it's a great blend for me now. :)
  • WOWBOY!!!!
    Review by John on 1/24/2014
    This was one of the first flavors I tried when I started vaping in December 2010. Its hard to describe, its definitely a tobacco flavor, and I get hints of cocoa and mint, but just a hint. I have spend a lot of time and money trying different flavors from many vendors and this is always the one that I come back to. Best eliquid anywhere.
  • Where is it?
    Review by Valentina on 1/5/2014
    This is my favorite also.
  • WOW Boy..My Favorite
    Review by Barbara Stahl on 12/1/2013
    I was so happy when I saw the wow boy in the e-liquid. It is by far my favorite flavor to vape. Thank you so much for your continued variety of flavors. One to suit each and every person who likes to vape away.
  • Good flavor
    Review by JDR on 10/31/2013
    Good flavor with just a hint of mint. Another favorite.
  • Best Ever Flavor
    Review by Sandy D on 10/17/2013
    I have been vaping for over 3 years now and this is my go-to flavor. I just wish they would sell this in larger quantities. Offered to my friends who smoke but don't vape and this is the flavor that would get them off analogs....luv you Vapor 4 Life!!!!!
  • WowBoy
    Review by Gina and Tom on 9/27/2013
    Love it only juice flavor we use
  • excellent
    Review by David on 9/18/2013
    large amount of vapor, decent throat hit for me at 11mg and love the slightly minty flavor
  • WOW this is DELISH!
    Review by Michelle Merchant on 9/14/2013
    LOOOVE this WOWboy! Sooo good! I taste all of the flavors. Tobacco, chocolate and a little bit more than a "hint" of mint, but not bad. I like it! Perfect menthol! Like menthol light or something. Will be buying more of this!
  • Great!
    Review by kaperon on 9/14/2013
    This is my third flavor choice and by far my favorite. All of the flavors blend together nicely to provide you with a very tasty flavor. I will be definitely trying this flavor in the future.
  • Wow boy changed flavor
    Review by vetdoc on 8/12/2013
    This was a great all day vape , but the new batch has a completely different taste which is not very good. I would wait to see if the next batch is back to tasting like wowboy should before ordering.
  • WOW
    Review by Donna Skeens on 8/9/2013
    This is my everyday fav!
  • My "Daily"
    Review by Beth on 7/8/2013
    I have tried many flavors, and always come back to this one.
  • Flavorful
    Review by Ray on 6/16/2013
    Wowboy is a very pleasent e-liquid. From the moment you inhale it your tastebuds will be tantalizing. People around you will be curious on why your vape smells so good, because it taste so good!
  • WOW V-Kit Tobacco Juice
    Review by Kathy on 5/27/2013
    This is the juice flavor that is included in the V-Kit. This is a great juice flavor to help someone quit smoking analog cigs.
  • Please restock ASAP
    Review by Claudia Chastain on 4/24/2013
    Have to agree, the carts were out except for 8 and under
  • .
    Review by Sean on 3/26/2013
    definately my all time favorite. wish they would refill their stock though. been waiting almost 2 weeks so i can order more. definately enjoy the juice more than the wow carts.
  • good
    Review by xk on 5/16/2016
  • Nothing compares!
    Review by Gina on 4/20/2019
    Cant enough of this juice!!!! It’s my absolute favorite
  • Good flavor
    Review by John on 6/3/2018
    Not my first choice, (Oasis is my fave), but good tasting juice. I'll get Wowboy from time to time as a change of pace.
  • If there is one e-juice that you should definetly try....then this ones it!
    Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
    Love this ejuice for its smooth tobacco taste, perfect menthol blend with a slight hint of chocolate!
  • New favorite
    Review by Sarah on 3/29/2019
    I ordered this based on other reviews. Finally found something with a mild taste and no fruity flavor.
  • Not for Me...
    Review by Angie on 7/30/2016
    Nothing terrible about this, but I still prefer the Oasis!
  • Delicious!
    Review by kit on 1/12/2019
    I have been vaping for about 5 years. At first I stuck with the cartridges, as it was just easier.
    Over time, I started experimenting a bit, and now I will never go back to the cartridges.

    The flavor in WOWBoy is perfect for me!
    I do not much like menthol, so the summary suggesting there are hints of menthol in this puzzles me a little. I would not buy this expecting a strong menthol taste.
    I do taste the chocolate, but it is a pleasant, not overwhelming flavor.
    Overall, I find it is mainly a classic tobacco taste, with a bit of rich sweetness overlaid.

    Way, way back in the day, I smoked Old Gold, and before I quit I was smoking Kent111. This reminds me of those tastes.

    I buy the 1.1 nicotine, and it is more than satisfying!!

  • Juice.
    Review by Andrew on 2/6/2018
    I got this 1 time because they were all out of oasis. Tasted similar.
  • Juice
    Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
    Good I used when they were sold out of my other one I always use
  • Good
    Review by Leshra on 4/13/2018
    Hits the spot but I more like the smoother hit from triple nickel. This is more like an unfiltered ciggy taste.

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