Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

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Yocan Evolve Vaporizer kit includes:
  • 1 Evolve Battery
  • 1 Evolve Atomizer
  • 1 Extra Quartz Dual Coil
  • 1 Picking Tool
  • 1 USB Charger

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    The Yocan Evolve Vaporizer is an economical vaporizer that works best with thicker material vapes. It is a small, light vape option that provides excellent flavor and a durable battery. It's coils use Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) Technology which provide a very clean vaping experience. Using this Quartz coil technology rather than the traditional ceramic that is used in most other vaporizers will provide the user with a slightly different taste with their vape. It also is built with a coil cap that prevents any leaking during the vaping process. Not to be used with e Juice.
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      Review by BrentNeedsToVent on 9/15/2016
      I didnt expect much from this vaporizer for the price, with the being said.....not bad! I mean when you think of vaporizers there are a few that everyone talks about and they are around 200-300! For $40 bucks I figured even if this dies and I have to buy replacements like 5 times I will still be saving money compared to the higher end models. The only two downsides is that with the more expensive ones you dont have to replace the coils and hey come with a warranty, the Pax 2 is 10 years!! Oh well, maybe a present for myself around Christmas, until then this is doing fine for my stuff!


    4.75 in
    0.55 in
    Black or Silver
    Dry Herb or Wax Herb Vaporization:
    Wax Only
    Innovating Coil Cap:
    Helps to minimize the heat dissipation from the device to the mouth piece
    Safety Cut-off:
    10 Seconds
    Charge Time:
    2-3 Hours for a full charge

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