Strawberry Milk Disposable Vape Z-Pen (5.0%)

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The Strawberry Milk Disposable Vape Z-Pen is a nicotine salt disposable vape that holds 1.3ml of Milky Strawberry e Juice and has a 280 mAh battery that will get you up to 400 puffs! Try this Strawberry Milkshake disposable vape today and you will not be disappointed.

Ziip Labs Z Pen

The same company that make the famous Ziip Pods now make disposable vape devices. Each Strawberry Milk disposable vape ZPen contains 50mg (or 50%) nicotine strength.

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  • nice!
    Review by grape on 1/23/2019
    ugly looking package but its kinda aesthetic. also tastes like the milk left after u eat some fruit loops.

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